Our Business

Serving the Muskoka and Haliburton area, Muskoka Sawmill operates both a fully hydraulic mobile mill and a stationary mill.

To turn logs to lumber, we can come to you, or you can come to us. We will custom mill on site to best suit your needs.

Family owned and operated by the Curtis Family (Dave, Tristan and Travis), Muskoka Sawmill is your source for craft lumber, fair prices, and a deal that can still be made on a handshake. When you mill with us, you’re taping into decades of woodworking knowledge, and a family with deep roots in the community.

Please note: while we have logs in stock including White Pine and Hemlock, etc, we are not a lumber yard; we do not carry plywood etc, and do not have ‘finished’ wood products available.

We do carry an assortment of live-edge wood for your unique project.

Call us for more information!