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Professional Fully Hydraulic Baker Enercraft - Muskoka Sawmill

Our portable sawmill uses a 1 1/4" bandsaw which produces such a smooth cut that it appears planed. Each cut only consumes 1/8", saving 1/4" per cut over older circular sawmills. This results in far more lumber production from each log, and less dust.

This Portable sawmill can easily handle both hard and soft wood timber, and can be set up in a new location in minutes. We can cut logs up to 22' long and a diameter of up to 30". The finished product is guaranteed true.

The rate for our portable sawmill with operator is $70.00 per hour plus minimum 5 hour for transport to your property if required. Our finished lumber is available at wholesale prices. For quality timber, we could share lumber for payment. Yours is FREE! Custom cutting orders accepted. On occassion, wholesale hardwood and softwood lumber are available at wholesale prices.

Located in Bala, Golden Beach Sawmill services an approximate radius of 200 kilometres.

Any Way You Slice It
Cottage Life

A portable sawmill can turn felled trees into a lumber jackpot. How to get the most out of your laid-to-rest logs.

...(Art) Nesbitt works all over Muskoka and southern Georgian Bay; he figures that as much as 30 per cent of his business is now cottagers. "People take down trees to build a cottage or they clear a bit of the bush, and they like the idea of putting that wood back into the building as floors or cabinets.


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